Hockey Hydration and Nutrition

March 10th, 2015

Thank you Coach Johanne and Caledon Coyotes Atom Rep Girls for having me out for the night!

I have been tucked away for quite some time working on my next project but could not resist the opportunity to get out and enjoy the company of  young, inspiring hockey players and having the opportunity to share my passion about eating healthy and hydrating for a sport I love!

We certainly had a great time talking about how important it is to have healthy, hydrating and nutritious snacks to take “on the go.” We all know how physically demanding hockey can be, let alone all the planning it takes to stay hydrated by way of fresh fruits and vegetables (not just sports drinks). As well we talked about nutritious snacks packed with energy from nature that can be eaten before and after the game.

We prepared fresh fruit smoothies with hemp hearts, fresh apples, bananas, frozen berries and coconut milk.  At some point we threw in baby spinach, the girls did notice and screamed “no!” but kept coming back for more!

We learned how to pack our own healthy “grab and go” nutritious snacks with a homemade granola recipe my kids love, and gave them the option to add raw pumpkin seeds, dried cranberries and cashews. These can be made in advance for them to grab on the way out to a game or a practice. Easy to transport and seriously delicious!

We talked about healthy options like cooked barley, and fresh vege sticks with hummus. I prepared a very large bowl of fruit salad with Organic honey and fresh mint that they absolutely loved!

The night was packed with questions and positive comments along with a high level of enthusiasm of and a keen interest in how to eat healthier before and after games and practices. Simple ideas were shared to help engage the girls in helping prepare healthy, hydrating and nutritious foods in advance.

Thanks ladies for such a fun evening!