How to beat the colds and flu this season…

September 22nd, 2016

We can be proactive about our health by eating local, organic foods. However when cold and flu season strikes we need to be ready and I am always stocked up with a  few anti inflammatory foods for this time of year.

To make chicken soup!

I think we all know this or have heard about it but need a gentle reminder that everything you need to stay healthy this season starts with the ingredients you use and what you use them for.

What you will need this winter:

Organic chicken backs (or Organic Chicken stock)
The greenest organic celery you can find
Spanish and or cooking onions-local and or organic
Fresh Garlic-local and or organic
Sage fresh from the garden or as a spice
Really tiny wholesome noodles

What you will have is Chicken soup!

With all of these anti-inflammatory and antioxidant goodies packed into a delicious soup you may be able to beat the fevers, colds and flu faster. It works for my kids when they feel something coming on, I get busy and help them ward of the worst by making them a pot of chicken soup.

There is no cure for the common cold and flu’s, so the best we can do is to be prepared and help our immune system do what it is designed to do and shorten the time the illness is there.

Every year I grow my own celery, it is really skinny, seriously green, and full of intense flavour. I always use the leaves as well as the stock. The Sage is always there along with fresh thyme and parsley.


Here are some interesting reads about the ingredients I source for my chicken soup. The belief that this simple food is a healthy choice was  handed down to me from my grandmother, it is always a good thing when you see and hear others saying that whole foods like these share some really great health benefits to our bodies!

Help your body stay healthy, still growing my own…celery!

Garlic and Onions
Chicken bones

Enjoy and get ready for the season!