Peas, beans and chirp-munks!

April 26th, 2017

Perfect! How do you beat the pesky little buggers..and keep them out of your garden?
We had a hard time with them last year so we are thinking ahead.

Its getting warm and I have put my egg cartons to good use. We got busy digging up the fresh dirt and planted seeds ahead of the warm weather. Not because we are excited, well we are! However those little pesky chipmunks had us replant seeds last spring, especially peas. As soon as the shoots broke the soil, they were there, digging them up! Actually that was the beginning, after a few times they went right after the seeds….

Well maybe not this year my friends as we do want to enjoy our peas and beans. Not feed the wild, saucy little creatures that love to irritate us so. Seriously if you listen to them, they “chirp” don’t you think?

I would like to rename them chirpmunks! you?

Stacey, eat local