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    When you think eat local, think... Local Grains, Breads, Legumes and Cereals * Local Fruit and Vegetables * Local Poultry & Fish * Local Organic * Free-Range * Local Fruit & Vegetable Markets * Local Farms * Local Farmer's Markets * Healthy Organic Snacks * Local Beer * Local Wine * Local Maple Syrup and Honey * eat local, fresh, healthy and in-season!
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    Join the freshalicious freeway now for exclusive access to the North American Eat Local Resource Center. Learn how to source healthier food products and specialty products that will make living a healthier lifestyle easier!

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    When you feature your business online with freshalicious, we make a commitment to you to:
    • Attract targeted traffic to the freshalicious website via blogging, social media etc.
  • Freshalicious® Member Benefits

    Since writing the freshalicious® cookbook, many people have been asking us to suggest healthier food products and specialty products that will make living a local healthier lifestyle easier. However, not everything you need may be at one grocery store!

    Your requests have lead us to develop the freshalicious® Freeway. By becoming a member of the freshalicious® Freeway, you'll have exclusive access to "the North American Eat Local Resource Centre": a directory of "freshalicious approved*" brands, businesses and healthy food products. The goal of our Resource Centre is to help users find a better and easier way to source healthy foods. Best of all, membership is FREE.

    The North American Eat Local Resource Center gives you access to:

    • sourcing fresh food and food products from the comfort of your home - make your decisions before you go grocery shopping
    • information about healthy brands you can trust
    • information about Organic, Non-GMO, gluten-free, dairy-free and peanut and nut-free products
    • information about natural, free-range, pastured meats and poultry suppliers
    • local farmers, farmers markets, pick-your-own farms
    • healthy food options other than those found at your grocery store
    • the knowledge you need to get started living local today

    Freshalicious® Commitment to Eat Local Vendors

    When you feature your business online with freshalicious, we make a commitment to you to:
    • attract targeted traffic to the freshalicious® website via blogging, social media valued partners, and cross promotion with like minded affiliates
    • promote our eat-local vendors offline via speaking engagements, book signings and cooking events
    • promote your website to our visitors and provide a link to your website from your profile and/or banner ad
    • blog about your product/services and provide product reviews to increase interest and awareness of them
    • drive traffic to your site to create awareness of you, your company and your brand, identifying with what makes your brand better

    Featuring your business online with freshalicious® is designed to...

    • provide site visitors with information about your products/services and a direct link to your business via our website
    • help potential customers find you and your product on their time 24/7 365
    • connect your product with like-minded consumers who are eating healthy
    • be your personal product pitch allowing you to pre-sell to customer before they walk into the grocery store
    • connect your product with "mommy-bloggers" who use social networking to promote products to one another
    • set your product on the top shelf of a resource center designed to educate and give the customer what they want
    • provide an environmentally friendly/paperless method of advertising to your target market with significantly reduced cost

    Your page will consist of...

    • your own landing page, where you can promote your company, what makes you unique in your category and why they should be buying your product over the competition.
    • Logo/image upload
    • Link to your website
    • All contact information easy search by postal code
    • Business location searchable by business category and postal code

    Additional banner sponsorship is also available on the freshalicious® blog and on our freshalicious® Freeway landing page. These banner ads are designed to increase your brand exposure and targeted traffic to your website in your store. Email to learn more.

    It is our job to showcase only "freshalicious® approved* products." Members must meet certain criteria before joining.


    • Must be a product that is of North American origin
    • Ingredients coming from outside North America should be disclosed
    • Must be healthy food products
    • Can be packaged - however greener packaging is always better
    • Grown as close to home as possible
    • Must taste good and meet consumers' expectations
    • Food labeling must be clear
    • Pastured, free range and organic are welcomed

    To submit a business listing, click the submit button and complete the form. Our staff will review your submission to ensure it meets our criteria and contact you to confirm payment details.
    *Freshalicous® Approved Disclaimer