Fresh talk at Nature’s Emporium

April 6th, 2011

Think fresh, organic and healthy

freshalicious is now available at Nature’s Emporium! A fabulous natural, organic and healthy grocery store located in the heart of Newmarket ON. You can get natural, organically grown meats, fresh local and organic produce and so much more. They are a grocery store that is catering to today’s brilliant healthy foodies and those looking to make healthier food choices.

The shelves are stocked with specialty foods that cater to anyone looking to eat healthier foods and/or those requiring foods that suit their dietary needs. From gluten-free to dairy-free….vegan or not, they are looking to compliment your healthy food choices.

What makes this grocery store unique is the staff and the product knowledge they have. Whatever you need they seem to be busy assisting customers often referring to them on a first name basis. Stop in and check out their live sprouts, the fantastically fresh hot table, and so much more.

Andrew will be there to smile and greet you, and make you a fabulous smoothie to make your day! Click on the image to see more.

Join me at Nature’s Emporium to get your signed copy of freshalicious and get started on your local food journeys!
April 23rd, 2011 11-3pm

Think fresh*live local*eat healthy

Stacey Fokas