Where my book is today.

April 22nd, 2011

Looking back and moving forward…

I have to say that walking into Sherway Chapters and seeing my newly self-published cookbook that was placed¬† alongside Jamie Oliver was absolutely amazing! With all the trials and tribulations that came with assembling the book I am so thrilled to have completed it and it is finding it’s way into the world of print. Thanks to the staff Sherway for giving freshalicious an amazing place to be seen and made easily available to the reader. This is like having the best seat in the house!
Although I have not had the opportunity to meet him, I see the passion he has for helping people and communities around better food choices. I took my daughter Anastasia to see him last year in Toronto and he was incredibly grounded and quite funny. His passion has helped him surpass milestones of challenges around food, offering clear messaging around the food we eat today.
Our visions cross many paths of similarity, but what is unique about my cookbook is it was created for Anastasia’s food allergy and to help others who need to or wish to eat healthy less the dairy. My daughter was born anaphylactic to dairy 11 years ago, and this rocked my world around everyday foods that I was used to eating. It is enough to have to deal with fast food, processed food and junk food and now something I was raised with that was part of my daily diet now needed to be removed.
My inner passion is about my local food, where it comes from and supporting my local community first. Sourcing your food today based on it’s locality is the healthiest most sustainable way to get the most nutritious food on your families table. This became quite evident when reading food labels was not enough and I was forced to cook everything from fresh everyday.
Well, I shall not tell you everything about “freshalicious” as this is for you to discover through my food journeys. I am sharing with you how easy it is to start living local around your food first. The rest is easy with over 125 simple recipes! There is 37 fabulous food journeys inside to inspire you to get in touch with your farmer, and start cooking within the seasons!
I am proud to say I printed my cookbook in the USA, and they did a fantastic job. Who said you cannot print local and be affordable? The same applies for your food choices, you can eat locally produced foods at a fair price.

think fresh*live local*eat healthy

Stacey Fokas