Roadside Asparagus

May 24th, 2011

How fresh is that?

I was on my way to see a client of mine, friend as well, driving along a country road to her place. I drove past this little box, that said;
Self serve Honey @5.00 on one side, and Asparagus @2.99 on the other. I said to myself ont eh way back I will pop in and see what this was about, because I saw no honey or asparagus.
I had my visit with Val and Murray,and left to come back home and stopped in to see. Inside the box was an open till, a small box of fresh asparagus and a small box of local honey.  Here I was on the  roadside, wallet in hand, left them the money for two  asparagus bunches, smiled and drove off.

Giggling to myself, I though how wonderful it is that we have a community of trusting people right here in my community.  So off I went with my fresh asparagus to barbecue them with some nitrate-free prosciutto and enjoy living local within my community.
My girls love fresh asparagus, and enjoy the stories around my food journey’s that will inspire them to support local.
Local food can be found all over your community, stop in when you see those handwritten signs, and you may be pleasantly surprised at the feeling you may get when stepping outside the everyday moves you make.

think fresh*live local*eat healthy
Stacey Fokas