How to get the fresh taste of locally grown peaches…

September 20th, 2013

all year long.

You may not know, but in Ontario there is about one week left to get your hands on locally grown peaches. Being as busy as I have been and not able to travel far much this summer, other than a quick holiday, we are very fortunate here in Caledon, Ontario to have our peaches brought to us through local markets.

However, if you’re feeling adventurous this weekend and want to get into the car with the family, visit Laura and her parents at Peach Country Farm Market.  She has the most delicious tasting peaches that her family grows for all of us to enjoy! Click here to see market hours.

They have fresh baked goods on site, and fresh locally grown produce and fruits, preserves and ice cream for the kids. They are very passionate about growing peaches and keeping the availability of local for you and I. There is a secret technique for growing the best peaches, and as Laura says, “My dad cannot sit and explain to me how he does it, I have to shadow him to see how it is done!”

Of course living in Caledon I get my delicious, locally grown peaches from Margaret, Paul and her parents at Rock Garden Farms. As well, they are very passionate about getting locally grown produce to our tables. They have brought us locally grown peaches, nectarines, concord grapes, broccoli, cauliflower, onions, squash and the biggest table of locally grown garlic I have ever seen!  Deliciousness! Click here to see market hours.

We love to eat fresh and local all winter long.  Unfortunately, here in Canada, once the snow hits the ground, our local fresh food choices diminish. So I buy  baskets of fresh peaches, along with nectarines (also locally grown) slice them, toss them on a cookie sheet and freeze them for us to enjoy in fruit smoothies over the winter and early spring months.

Once you figure out how to get local to the table all year long with simple techniques, like freezing, canning and preserving,  your taste buds will scream for local in the coldest of winter months and you may decide to leave that pineapple behind! Never mind that peach that is lacking in flavor that has been imported.

One week left …copies of freshalicious at both locations to help get you started living local, and oodles of fresh locally grown juicy peaches are waiting for you!

Living local , Stacey