Canadian Maple Syrup and good old Canadian Bacon!

March 21st, 2014

The sun is warming our trees and the sap is ready to flow! Everyone loves real Canadian Maple Syrup, so this is a really great time to get out and experience a local Sugar bush with the family, a loved one or your BFF. We can only appreciate how labour intensive the process is when we see what goes into collecting and boiling the sap down to its sugary sweetness, Maple Syrup.

This is a locally made food/sweetener that only comes once a year in our community, and if you think about  it, so do most foods. If you start your season with this process in mind, better get it now while it’s fresh, then you will start to experience how delicious and rewarding  living local really is. This is the most nutritious way to live your life. Next we will see fiddleheads and strawberries…Yum!

As for the good old Canadian Bacon, I have to say that even if your a vegan, a vegetarian or looking to reduce your animal protein intake, there is something about walking into your favourite local restaurant for breakfast and enjoying that delicious, mouth watering aroma of the two ingredients combined!

Enjoy the change of seasons, and what spring may bring you.

Nothing tastes better than local.