Belfountain Freshalicious Foodies

June 13th, 2011
How to become a freshalicious foodie at the age of six
I was thrilled when I received a call from Belfountain Public School to share with the Grade one’s an in-season recipe and talk about local food and cooking within the seasons. This is a very special topic as the children here have been implementing living local for a few months now in their day to day learning.
Fresh food and the aroma catches everyone attention and I thought it may be fun to talk about fresh herbs with the kids and exciting ways to prepare them so they can eat them all summer long. It seems easier to introduce fresh foods in a social environment because they can have more fun around the table, talking about what we are preparing and taking in the fresh aromas. Herbs like Dill, Parsley and fresh onions have a way of letting you know they are there as they smell incredible when they are fresh.
I thought is would be fun to introduce my  Fresh Three Herb Pesto, from my freshalicious cookbook. This was served on a fresh Organic baguette topped with fried Blue Oyster Mushrooms from my local mushroom farmer Julie at Windy Fields Mushrooms. What was really cool is the kids were given spoons to sample the Pesto, and out of 14 kids, they all  asked for seconds except for one and taking a spoonful vs. just tasting it!
We are able to show a few of the photos, based on parental permission, but really we had a wonderful time peeling garlic, talking about the importance of eating locally, growing gardens and cooking together. There was a lot of seconds served that morning and sheer excitement around a new fresh food. We took the time to have a draw for the freshalicious cookbook, which circulated the room several times that morning, and it was won by a very excited young boy.
The recipe I shared with them is very versatile, simple to prepare and can be used on fresh pasta, as a dip for chicken and fish, or served on an appetizer as shown in the image below.
We should take the time to get them in the kitchen at an early age and offer their tender pallets the opportunity to eat really amazing tasting fresh foods, sourced locally and within the season. I aim to change the meaning of fast food, that comes is freshly prepared at home with family, community and good health in mind. We are what we eat.
They are now one more step closer to discovering what real food is all about. Thanks Andrea for having me at the school and thanks to the wonderful enthusiastic kids and their wonderful appetites!
Peeling the garlic was serious business!
I was in charge of chopping, and blending…
Tasting the Pesto before the assembly….and waiting for the mushrooms…
The appetizers were assembled by the children, and then enjoyed over some fun Grade one conversation.
Simply believe as parents that the kids follow what we teach them, and they are born into a world that discounts fresh home made food for convenience.Give them what they need to grow healthy and strong and find the time to enjoy fresh foods that you can make together as a family, as a community.

think fresh*live local*eat healthy