Tiny cherry tomatoes!

June 3rd, 2014

7 Days of Planting continued!

Tomatoes come in a  variety of sizes, colours and shapes. Whether they look like a cherry, a grape or just like a tomato, there is nothing more satisfying than walking out to the garden and filling my basket with these tiny, tender little morsels. They are perfect for roasting or adding them to my favourite pizza!

Today we refer to those who eat raw as being a person or individual who eats only raw food. However a balanced diet should consist of raw and cooked foods. When it comes to vegetables and fruit many of them are more delicious just the way they are. Ready in a second or two!

Today I planted a tiny tomato plant that promises to produce cherry tomatoes for me this summer. A little sunshine, rain, organic fertilizer and love will almost guarantee they will do as they say. And we will eat well.

Yesterday we picked lettuce, kale and chives!

Eating fresh from your own garden literally takes a few days!

It is amazing to know how long these plants have been around, click on the link below to read more.

Cherry tomatoes are believed to go as far back as Aztec Mexico in at least the 15th century CE

What did you plant today?