Fresh eggs, would you like a Rhode Island Red or a Plymouth Barred Rock?

June 16th, 2017

Our experience so far this spring having laying hens has been good, simply no different than looking after the dog and honesty just as rewarding. We get fresh eggs everyday!

As you can see from the picture below each hens egg has a distinct size, colour and shape that we can identify with which hen layed it.  The texture of the egg also varies as does the colour and shape of the  egg white and the yolk. Unlike the eggs form the grocery store that are exactly the same in size look and colour….and simply have little or no taste. I can say the eggs we, my family are eating now remind me of the eggs I used to eat when my mom had laying hens.

The debate will always be, which egg is better?  I can only say that with all the issues in front of us today, increased cancers, diabetes, vascular, stroke, heart attacks, auto-immune diseases and particularly food intolerance’s and life threatening food allergies..I personally believe we have a problem with food that is not grown/raised in small batches and the signs are quite obvious that we need to roll back our thinking as to how food was grown before the World Wars and eat food for quality not quantity or price.

The girls love to let the hens roam free, pick for bugs and eat grass and dandelions. They are beautiful and delicate creatures that we are enjoying taking care of and eating their eggs everyday. Here is a beautiful picture of Sally, and the two below are Mustang and Thelma. They do have very unique personalities.

The most interesting part of our time spent with the hens is our English Bulldog Thunder who hangs out with them on a regular basis. They get along just fine.

You decide what you think is best for your family, there are many places to get fresh farm eggs and or organic eggs in your community.

Stacey Fokas

Photo Credits “hens” Nicoletta Fokas, “Thunder” Stacey Fokas