Murphy’s Law, locally distilled…a perfect drink for Canada Day!

June 29th, 2017

What is Murphy’s Law? A supposed law of nature? Anything that can go wrong will go wrong?

Well not in this case, Ben Murphy  whom I met through another business of mine is a young entrepreneur who started distilling moonshine in 2015 here in Ontario, Elmira that is, not too far from my house.

Ben started out on his career path as a police officer but after a match of boxing he lost his hearing in one year and could no longer continue down that path. He said when he was in West Virginia everyone there including their mothers was making moonshine, so it was not hard to learn the process and techniques that make a really good moonshine. However since the police have cracked down on the making of illegal moonshine in West Virginia he decided to start a legal business up here in Canada  after he graduated in 2015, called Murphy’s Law Distillery Ltd.

He has won several awards for his moonshine, bronze for Apple, Carmel and White Lightening Moonshine and most recently a silver for his Lady Maple.

I have known Ben for some time now and he is a modest kind of guy who uses local ingredients in his recipes. You all know how much I love local ingredients and thought I may share with you a product-one of a kind as he is the only first and only distillery of its kind here in Ontario.

Just the other day he dropped off some Apple Pie and Lady Maple for us to try. The moonshine mixes easily with ginger ale, soda or as it is, raw and delicious!

As for Murphy’s Law, a lot has gone really great for Ben, you can find his products at several LCBO’s and online or at his location in Elmira. And not where anything can go wrong but where anything can happen….

Check out your local LCBO or visit Ben for your taste of locally distilled “moonshine”

Happy Canada Day!