We have enough dairy…..

June 29th, 2018

There is no reason why anyone in Canada would want to see more of a surplus of cheap food flood into our grocery stores and onto our tables. We have systems in place to protect our local farmers and the bully down south wants to rip into our economy, dump cheap milk products and claim our steel and aluminum is a national security threat adding high tariffs while he holds hands with nasty dictators and makes enemies with allies.

Buying local is not just about not buying imported food, it is about realizing the need to protect the parts of our food industry that have the most sensitivities. If we do not protect our dairy farmers, the flood gates will open to the US, and we will certainly loose most of our dairy farmers. Is there a difference between Canadian milk and US milk, you read and decide. We have a smaller economy to take care of, it’s not like we can grow avocados here.

Now all of you know I am not a big milk/dairy girl…mostly by choice. Living with food sensitivities to all dairy products and having a daughter who is anaphylactic to dairy does not help but I have friends who are in the dairy industry, who are protected from a glut of cheap imported dairy/dairy products and I support them. I may not eat dairy if at all rarely but many of you do. It is always best to know where your food comes from and form that connection. This is an important piece of our economy, if we allow the un-American to rip into our dairy industry, what is next? It is important that your dollars stay here in Canada when it comes to your food, as much as possible.

I am sure if the un-American was to be nice, work together with its allies, one may open the door of discussion for some change but as you can see its a one way street, lacking trust and stability. He wants to flip the world on it’s head only because he is the one that is un-American, hoping to Americanize us….he has an underlying agenda. You cannot be that big of a bully and expect everyone to embrace your behavior and simply give in to a dictator approach.

And for the rest of my American friends, love and peace.

Stay strong Canada!

So this weekend, Canadian’s, celebrate local food!