Impossible….the best thing that has happened to beef!

September 9th, 2019

Fake! Another processed food that appears to be good for the stock market but is it good for you? Your informed, educated and certainly have the information if you like at your fingertips. It is not us we need to worry about its our kids we should be thinking about when it comes to processed fad foods and I believe this one may be out long before it stays.

GMO’s, I talk a lot about them, genetically modified soy is a big hit these days. Bigger than it should be. Now genuine soy that has not been scientifically played with are low in saturated fat, high in protein and contain folate and vitamin C. Of course they are good source of fiber magnesium, iron, calcium, potassium, thiamin and phosphorus. Holy Cow! We should be eating these beans like mad with all the nutrients they contain, however the downside is they contain estrogen like compounds called isoflavons that can promote the growth of some cancer cells, affect the thyroid function and impair female fertility….and what happens when men eat foods high in estrogen, find me a scientific study that says this is good for men.

Long and short. Think before you eat. No restaurant has to tell you your eating GMO foods….and here is why you may think twice. GMO Soy

We are all looking for healthier food choices and maybe we are being bit lazy about what we are ready to eat without really knowing what is in the product. It is a food that is a bean that is made to look like beef. Not cool in my opinion, another brown food salted and flavored to mimic something it is not.

So how can this fake beef product be good for beef producers? Well the public has spoken and they are saying we want better, we want healthier. GMO Soy is not the way to go. This is an opportunity for beef to clean up the beef industry, start giving your customers better beef, non-GMO beef burgers so we can all continue to enjoy our burgers the way they should be.

Burger on the bottom, veg on top!

This blog was written to educate not to humiliate.