Cellular Agriculture…seriously or

January 17th, 2020

Should you not take it seriously. I never thought I would see the day that something they call food is grown and created in a lab, less the animals, the vegetables the fruit and in a pertri dish on a massive level of all things. I speaking from my heart, I love real food, organic and anything heritage, simply foods that are not messed with by science. There is no place for this in our food system if we want to remain healthy and have longevity without disease.

I am going to be open, bold and say it like it is. We are not solving the worlds food problems with these creations, I am certain it will not be food for the poor, it will be for those who can afford to pay 20.00 a pint for something they call ice cream. So wrong. At least Ben & Jerry’s dairy-free is using more natural ingredients, keeping it real. And honestly it tastes great!

A business friend of mine who traveled to overseas shared with us that when he went to China he would only eat at his moms. I thought it was odd thinking how good Chinese cuisine must be, but being the curious person I am I asked. Why? He said that in China they often produced a lot of fake food or foods that were made from things you would never think of. For example Dim sum is like a dumpling stuffed with either pork, chicken, prawns or vegetables. He caught wind from some friends that instead of using real pork, the restaurants were using sawdust, fat and flavorings to create a pork like substance in place of real pork. Cheating the cost maybe? Possibly, but most patrons could not tell the difference. So he chose to avoid it rather than take his chances.

Now, unfortunately many kids are now born with severe anaphylactic food allergies and or persons are developing this later in life, dairy being a big one, but anything from raw vegetables, to apples oranges an the usual nuts and shellfish. This is sad, and unfortunate but I believe most persons want to eat “real food” not a science freak show version of something that is not real. Scientists can use their skills for other more important things, really.

Is appears that that the opportunists have come out of the woodwork, to create a what? It is happening in the dairy-free, gluten-free and plant based production of such foods. Not everyone is producing bad food products in these categories but there are some to be noted. Cellular agriculture is not food, it is simply gross and will create more health problems down the road for many. You cannot eat foods that body believes are foreign without side effects, GMO, scientifically engineered…. and not start to show some form of health problems, stomach, gastro, skin, hair loss, hormone imbalance. Next time you have issues, look at what your eating before you jump to go to the doctors.

Sadly I see no evidence that there is long term testing before releasing it to the public, you are the testee, time will tell if you eat these things many years later. They are going to sell you on their case to buy their product for a sake of a sale, not necessarily because it is good for you. Valid or not. Read more here about what I am talking about, Cellular Agriculture

If you are reading your labels, good for you, I am not telling you what to buy but buyer beware. When they say “animal free” reconsider what this means for you. I you want to know what products are on the shelf that should be avoided read, consume information about these new products. You can always email me, anytime!

Yes, I love dairy free options when they are available, as long as they are made from real ingredients that you find in a field, a dirty barn, from a plant or an animal, NON GMO and that has not had 25 chemicals, flavour enhancers added to make it seem real and things that not in the dictionary under “real food”. Not that there is a place for it in the dictionary but there should be!

In my next write up I will be discussing CRISPR….

Eat whole foods friends, Stacey