Cellular Agriculture…seriously or

January 17th, 2020

Should you not take it seriously. I never thought I would see the day that something they call food is grown and created in a lab, less the animals, the vegetables the fruit and in a pertri dish on a massive level of all things. I speaking from my heart, I love real food, organic and anything heritage, simply foods that are not messed with by science. There is no place for this in our food system if we want to remain healthy and have longevity without disease.

I am going to be open, bold and say it like it is. We are not solving the worlds food problems with these creations, I am certain it will not be food for the poor, it will be for those who can afford to pay 20.00 a pint for something they call ice cream. So wrong. At least Ben & Jerry’s dairy-free is using more natural ingredients, keeping it real. And honestly it tastes great!

A business friend of mine who traveled to overseas shared with us that when he went to China he would only eat at his moms. I thought it was odd thinking how good Chinese cuisine must be, but being the curious person I am I asked. Why? He said that in China they often produced a lot of fake food or foods that were made from things you would never think of. For example Dim sum is like a dumpling stuffed with either pork, chicken, prawns or vegetables. He caught wind from some friends that instead of using real pork, the restaurants were using sawdust, fat and flavorings to create a pork like substance in place of real pork. Cheating the cost maybe? Possibly, but most patrons could not tell the difference. So he chose to avoid it rather than take his chances.

Now, unfortunately many kids are now born with severe anaphylactic food allergies and or persons are developing this later in life, dairy being a big one, but anything from raw vegetables, to apples oranges an the usual nuts and shellfish. This is sad, and unfortunate but I believe most persons want to eat “real food” not a science freak show version of something that is not real. Scientists can use their skills for other more important things, really.

Is appears that that the opportunists have come out of the woodwork, to create a what? It is happening in the dairy-free, gluten-free and plant based production of such foods. Not everyone is producing bad food products in these categories but there are some to be noted. Cellular agriculture is not food, it is simply gross and will create more health problems down the road for many. You cannot eat foods that body believes are foreign without side effects, GMO, scientifically engineered…. and not start to show some form of health problems, stomach, gastro, skin, hair loss, hormone imbalance. Next time you have issues, look at what your eating before you jump to go to the doctors.

Sadly I see no evidence that there is long term testing before releasing it to the public, you are the testee, time will tell if you eat these things many years later. They are going to sell you on their case to buy their product for a sake of a sale, not necessarily because it is good for you. Valid or not. Read more here about what I am talking about, Cellular Agriculture

If you are reading your labels, good for you, I am not telling you what to buy but buyer beware. When they say “animal free” reconsider what this means for you. I you want to know what products are on the shelf that should be avoided read, consume information about these new products. You can always email me, anytime!

Yes, I love dairy free options when they are available, as long as they are made from real ingredients that you find in a field, a dirty barn, from a plant or an animal, NON GMO and that has not had 25 chemicals, flavour enhancers added to make it seem real and things that not in the dictionary under “real food”. Not that there is a place for it in the dictionary but there should be!

In my next write up I will be discussing CRISPR….

Eat whole foods friends, Stacey

Climate change and food consumption?

September 30th, 2019

Why wait until January to start eating healthy when you can start now. I believe part of a healthy lifestyle has to do with breaking old habits and starting new ones. Keeping your dietary intake simple and as whole as possible. Eating healthy has a lot more to do with choosing local, non GMO, eating whole foods and a balance of all foods; whether it be your choice of protein, grains, nuts and seeds, fruits and vegetables?

These are all very important aspects of making good food choices however with the movement happening around climate change; our air, water, habitat, soil degradation, and temperatures rising are the most important issues we face today. We need to listen to today’s very young advocates who are standing behind those of us who care about our food, the environment and the generations that will be left behind with a larger mess than we are already in.

We know that large factory farming is destructive to our land, soil, water, air and along with the bees and other insects, this is directly affecting you and me. Illness is linked to how are food is produced. Plain and simple. The planet is getting sick and so are we. It is no longer healthy or sustainable to eat foods that are mass produced for money that is destroying the place we need to live. Earth.

Let’s look at a few things that have infiltrated most processed foods and believe it or not whole foods too. Take a more serious look at GMO corn, GMO soy, GMO canola, beef, pork and poultry. These foods are typically produced in huge lots, getting into the fresh and processed food system, destroying thousands and thousands of acres, polluting the land and the water, causing extinction and making us all sick. The same goes for many non organic fresh fruits and vegetables that we eat everyday.

It seems that the “war on healthy food production” has been going on for a very long time, back as far as the early 1900’s. Food labeling has always been an issue, honesty towards the consumer, adding fillers to food making them unreal or unhealthy. We are getting lost in the future of fake food production and not in tuned with the history of how much food production has changed. The food industry has been trying to clean itself up for years, companies are constantly tackling food safety issues, food security and food labeling, especially for those inflicted with severe food allergies. The only way things will improve is self education and how you spend you hard earned dollars on the food you consume. We are dictating what the future of our food looks like more than we know.

How can we do that?

  1. Well for a start buy whole unprocessed foods that are not in plastic. The less garbage you take home from the grocery store the less garbage you need to worry about being recycled.
  2. Leave those pretty cardboard boxes behind, yes the processed food boxes, make pizza at home using whole ingredients.
  3. Buy nuts, seeds, grains in bulk and package them in reusable containers for the kids.
  4. Add to your grocery list fresh whole fruit, dry pasta, bulk rice and foods with as little or no packaging that need to be prepared, not processed.
  5. And of course look for foods that do not contain GMO corn, GMO soy, GMO canola and other unhealthy ingredients.

Most importantly lets try to support local, buy and cook foods that are in season, free of GMO’s, and Organic if you can. Think about the possibility of us not having access to the foods you may love like bananas in the near future, we are only a few foot steps away from destroying another food crop if we are not careful. If big corporations are not ready to change, maybe you are.

The more we choose not to eat the “money food” the more big corporations will be forced to grow and produce differently. There is nothing wrong with producing foods with less of a global impact by way of going back to small farming practices. We need local farmers to start up in all communities so we have a reset to a global issue and start to undo a food system that has become so toxic and destructive.

My grandmothers words resonate with me everyday, “your medicine is in your food,” choose wisely for healthy drug free life. Change is easier than you think if we all change a little bit at a time.

Keep an eye on Greta Thurnburg


Impossible….the best thing that has happened to beef!

September 9th, 2019

Fake! Another processed food that appears to be good for the stock market but is it good for you? Your informed, educated and certainly have the information if you like at your fingertips. It is not us we need to worry about its our kids we should be thinking about when it comes to processed fad foods and I believe this one may be out long before it stays.

GMO’s, I talk a lot about them, genetically modified soy is a big hit these days. Bigger than it should be. Now genuine soy that has not been scientifically played with are low in saturated fat, high in protein and contain folate and vitamin C. Of course they are good source of fiber magnesium, iron, calcium, potassium, thiamin and phosphorus. Holy Cow! We should be eating these beans like mad with all the nutrients they contain, however the downside is they contain estrogen like compounds called isoflavons that can promote the growth of some cancer cells, affect the thyroid function and impair female fertility….and what happens when men eat foods high in estrogen, find me a scientific study that says this is good for men.

Long and short. Think before you eat. No restaurant has to tell you your eating GMO foods….and here is why you may think twice. GMO Soy

We are all looking for healthier food choices and maybe we are being bit lazy about what we are ready to eat without really knowing what is in the product. It is a food that is a bean that is made to look like beef. Not cool in my opinion, another brown food salted and flavored to mimic something it is not.

So how can this fake beef product be good for beef producers? Well the public has spoken and they are saying we want better, we want healthier. GMO Soy is not the way to go. This is an opportunity for beef to clean up the beef industry, start giving your customers better beef, non-GMO beef burgers so we can all continue to enjoy our burgers the way they should be.

Burger on the bottom, veg on top!

This blog was written to educate not to humiliate.