What’s in-season?

August 6th, 2014

Being a locavore has never been easier.

There are so many  local fruits and vegetables (along with organic varieties) available everywhere at this time of year. There is and ever growing demand from people like you an I that has made buying locally grown food so much easier.

Almost every store large and small are making the effort to have local fruits and vegetables for us to buy and we are seeing more free-range eggs, flours, legumes, meats and poultry to name a few. The list is growing and will continue to grow as we make healthier food choices.

Every season has a bounty of new delicious flavours that will freshen up your recipes!

Here are some of my personal favorites that are in-season now, and remember, from year to year we may see some foods in-season earlier or later than previous years.


Are you buying local GMO Corn? Julie has given us something to consider when buying local, the other side of how some food-locally grown or not may be the ones you might want to pass on by…always ask, always know how your food was grown.

Thanks Julie for your insightful read, click on the corn for the full article…

Enjoy eating local, look for local organic and get ready for so much more. Our Autumn bounty is right around the corner!

Live simple, and delicious!


Revitalizing my garden space

July 29th, 2014

Moving along with the seasons….

adding fresh new leafy greens, delicious!


Keep growing local!


fresh, local food everyday!

July 15th, 2014

If I could only keep the kids from eating straight from the garden we might be able to make a dish this week! Well, that is a stretch. The whole purpose behind growing your own food is to pick it fresh and eat it right away. This is what they do and they enjoy it, that’s for sure.

We have been eating from the garden, Swiss chard, beet tops, arugula, cucumbers, zucchini, lettuce, peas, beans and of course Kale. The Kale plant is the largest producer of all, just keep picking until the fall. :)

Most recently I pulled whatever lettuce I had growing, and am in the process of re-planting from seed. I am thinking to add some mixed lettuce, spinach and more arugula. Our garden is a nice addition to all the fresh Ontario produce that we have available locally. The movement for local food is growing, enjoy it while it lasts!

Eat fresh*eat local*eat healthy

Stacey Fokas