Falling for Autumn and local food!

September 23rd, 2014

At this time of year I feel a bit like a squirrel, feeling the weather changing, the leaves turning but most of all like I need to can, freeze and store all the wonderful flavours coming off the local land for the long and cold winter ahead.

Storing fresh local garlic is number one, tomatoes come in handy all winter long for pizzas, pasta dishes and stews. Instead of roasting my red Sheppard peppers I clean, slice and freeze them. They make any tomato sauce even more delicious. Simple and easy to store, prepared by you.

Try freezing fresh local peaches, wild blueberries  and nectarines. They are my  girls favourite way to eat local fruit in the middle of winter. Whatever your favourite vegetable may be that you will miss the most; whether it be carrots, zucchini or fresh fruit, now is the time to savour that autumn flavour!

Try roasting your squashes, sweet potatoes, broccoli and cauliflower with a  touch of oil and sea salt. Enjoy the bounty that our local farmers have grown for us now, as it will not be long before it is all gone.

Live local and enjoy falling for Autumn like me!


Family and food

September 4th, 2014

Preserving and food storage is a very important part of our lives. Not only for the food but for the good times we have together as a family.

My little one is always first to remind me what needs to be done when she sees all the fresh, local produce and fruit displayed so nicely at this time of year! Not only is she the first one to fill the cart with healthy fruits and vegetables, she is also the first one to remind me that it is time to preserve the seasons best. She is aware that we may not be eating fresh berries for a while or thinking about all the wonderfully delicious foods we cook using tomatoes when the snow falls.

Canned tomatoes can last for up to two years and flash frozen fruits are perfect for smoothies over the long, cold winter months.

Kudos to our local farmers, farm markets and grocery stores who work so hard all year long giving us access to fresh, local and organic foods that bring our family together.


What’s in-season?

August 6th, 2014

Being a locavore has never been easier.

There are so many  local fruits and vegetables (along with organic varieties) available everywhere at this time of year. There is and ever growing demand from people like you an I that has made buying locally grown food so much easier.

Almost every store large and small are making the effort to have local fruits and vegetables for us to buy and we are seeing more free-range eggs, flours, legumes, meats and poultry to name a few. The list is growing and will continue to grow as we make healthier food choices.

Every season has a bounty of new delicious flavours that will freshen up your recipes!

Here are some of my personal favorites that are in-season now, and remember, from year to year we may see some foods in-season earlier or later than previous years.


Are you buying local GMO Corn? Julie has given us something to consider when buying local, the other side of how some food-locally grown or not may be the ones you might want to pass on by…always ask, always know how your food was grown.

Thanks Julie for your insightful read, click on the corn for the full article…

Enjoy eating local, look for local organic and get ready for so much more. Our Autumn bounty is right around the corner!

Live simple, and delicious!