A good reason to grow your own at home this year

February 8th, 2016

Growing your own vegetables is super easy. Potted herbs are the easiest way to start growing your own without too much worry. Rosemary, parsley, sage and thyme thrive without much care. A little water and sunshine will do the trick! You can easily plant Kale, one of our most loved super foods that will keep producing all season long.

A good garden comes with a little planning and some imagination. Seeds naturally want to grow into beautiful food producing plants, a little care will go a long way.

Please feel free to look back at some of my garden projects for ideas. Most often the garden gives us more than we can eat and the opportunity to share with family and friends.

Great starter plants that grow easily are dandelion, kale, lettuce, tomatoes, onions and zucchini. You can plant the plants that are greenhouse grown or try tossing in a few seeds….you will be surprised how fast they grow!

Growing from Seed
Try sourcing local Organic, non-GMO, and Heritage Seed Varieties.

I look for local… like Hawthorn Farm Organic Seed, they know our growing conditions better than we do so would offer tried and true varieties.

Growing from plant
At our local garden center and local grocery stores who offer a variety of plants to get you started including some Heritage Varieties.  Glen Echo Nurseries and Garden Foods are a great place to start for your growing season!

Produce costs are on the rise, growing your own is one good way to reduce the cost and get the most nutritious, tasty vegetables to your table.

From dirt to delicious! Grow your own…


eat fresh, local and healthy


Eat Local, avoid high food costs

January 15th, 2016

Gas prices, interest rates, oil is tanking, terrorism are all taking center stage and clouding our minds with things most of us have little or no control over. These are big topics but do affect us in one way shape or form so we should try to focus more on ourselves and our local economies. Particularly our local food.

January is a great time for heart warming soups, stews and roasting. A chicken can go along way after roasting it and make often up to two more meals. Squashes, legumes and potatoes along with garlic and onions are easily available all year long and can make inexpensive meals that can last a few days.

The “eat local” momentum has inspired many grocery stores to maintain a local selection of the items that will keep your food costs down. Simply try to make the time as these types of recipes do not make themselves, they need a little help!

Enjoy the cold this winter with a cup of hearty stew by the fire, think more about you, your family and the global economy will do what it has to do.

Stay warm friends,




Would you eat this because it looks fresh and green?

June 11th, 2015

Are you looking to eat fresher, healthier and more natural? We have relied on a system of trust when it comes to our food, we now know where most of our fresh food comes form but we are still struggling with having fresh foods labelled that are Genetically Modified.

Growers of this type of food are terrified that smart consumers like you and me will flat our refuse to buy their food if it has a label disclosing GMO’s. Guess what? They are right. Most of us will not buy it then. The simple solution is to start farming without the use of GMO’s.

Support this movement for real honest food that is grown locally, organically or at best naturally without the use of science and bad chemicals that hurt our bees, the environment and ultimately do damage to our bodies. Labels will give us the right that I though we had, and that is to know exactly how are food is grown, by what means and   naturally where it originates from.

You tell me what is the visual difference between a genetically modified apple or one that is organically grown. I bet you can’t, so why not label them so we can tell the difference?

Eat fresh* Eat local*Eat healthy