Warm up to your honey this Christmas!

December 16th, 2014

What a delicious time of the year!

Christmas is about family and food. Roasted squashes, turkeys, hams and baked goods galore! Locally sourced of course off our farms, organic if you like. Farm fresh eggs for baking, locally milled flours and of course Canadian Maple Syrup along with our precious honey that was collected most recently.

Cloves, cinnamon, cardamom and molasses…..and ginger mmm. Sage, thyme, cracked pepper is all you need to spice up your Christmas dinner. Keep it simple and as local as you can this Christmas in appreciation for our local farmers, the food and the resources used to get the food to your table.

Try using honey in your recipes this Christmas, not only in your cakes and cookies, but makes a great dip when warmed slightly for apples, crackers and tastes great on toast with a hint of cinnamon!

Simple, delicious



Winterizing your recipes

November 17th, 2014

You can always have your cake and eat it too, however the price we will pay for the instant gratification will get the best of all of us.

It may be lack of local farmers in the near future, depleted food sources globally, or food that is nutritionally starved. We are left sacrificing our good health by our need to spoil our palettes year round.

Take the time this winter to feast on succulent squashes, sweet potatoes, carrots, cabbage, leeks, beets, fresh of the field onions and garlic. The most delicious locally grown apples are overflowing the market shelves these days, and don’t forget about the frozen berry section!

We have a huge selection of locally produced foods, along with healthy snacks made locally these days, we have access to local food, why not take advantage of it?

It is time to activate your creative side and work with what is cultivated in your local community. This is the time for comfort foods, oven roasting and one pot dishes simmering the stove.

Fresh, organic, locally grown food is precious. Keep it fresh and simple!

Enjoy your winter inspirations!


When is common sense going to…

October 27th, 2014

be more important than money.

Where is our food safety at these days, have you thought about how you food is handled before it arrives at your grocery store? Is it being screened, checked for you? In most cases probably not. If it is not being gassed for spiders and creepy crawleys-imported food often arrives here and delivered to the grocery store in a few days.

It annoys me to see fruit from South Africa on our shelves when we have issues with Ebola going on in the same country. It annoys me when we keep ignoring our local food, our local farmers and the importance that we stop consuming farmland for housing projects that are completely unnecessary.

Farmland should remain farmland, and the developer should develop on land that is not. Do you know why they use farmland for new housing?  Because is costs less money to develop, and is more profitable to the developer. Why should they have to work so hard to remove boulders, and alter that land for homes that we do  not need. With such a small population here in Canada, who is going to buy the new houses? When is enough enough?

Midhurst...have you heard of this place? Well have a read and you will get to know Midhurst and why this town is so important….MORE MEGA DEVELOPMENT!

Less farmland for food.

We cannot rely on imported food anymore. Globalizing is not important anymore. Localizing is.

Localizing creates local jobs, keeping our farmland as farms protects our local food system that we need so desperately today. We need to be more proactive and far less reactive.

We need help with all of our small towns that are quickly fading away, why build and invest in only one place? There is no balance, no common sense. That ideology has clearly been flushed down the white throne many years ago.

Let’s try to change the course we are on to one that makes sense for everyone.

Stacey Fokas

Live Local*Eat Local*Support Local