Fokas on- What’s growing in the garden?

June 21st, 2012

What’s growing in your garden?

It takes only a week to start eating from the garden once it is planted. We are seeing pepper, eggplant, strawberry  and blackberry  flowers. The tomatoes are on the vine and the herbs are ready for picking along with the fresh lettuce, celery, Swiss  Chard and beet greens.

The girls and I picked lettuce tonight off of the lettuce ladder after visiting the Inglewood Farmers’ Market where we got some Blue Oyster mushrooms from Julie of Windy Fields Mushrooms (you have to click on Julies link to see some pretty amazing mushrooms) and fresh Ontario Strawberries off of Karen and Jennifer the Market Co-coordinators.

Thought I would share with you how things are coming along. I have met so many families this spring  who are growing gardens of the first time this year and are having a blast!

Let’s keep the energy flowing and get gardening “right in your own backyard.” Share your backyard garden pictures (in jpeg format) with us, email so we can share your inspirations with others and “grow it local and get gardening!”

think fresh*live local*eat healthy

Photography-Stacey Fokas