What is Freshalicious®?

freshalicious® is a lifestyle that revolves around eating local, sourcing the freshest ingredients that are in-season and bringing organic foods to your family’s table.

freshalicious® is about family, and about teaching our little ones how to eat better, not only for their future health, but also for sustainability that will protect the planet and future food sources.

freshalicious® is about local farmers who choose to grow and raise their food with a clear conscience. Stacey shares with you stories about farmers that grow fruits and vegetables in smaller quantities, organically without harsh chemicals, pesticides, fertilizers, and fungicides as well as without the use of GMO seeds. They raise animals naturally, organically and allow them to forage, dig and roam in free space, as opposed to confinement.

freshalicious® is about Stacey’s fabulous food journeys that take you seasonally around her local community, inspiring you to bring local, seasonal and organic foods into your daily life.

Lastly, freshalicious® is packed with over 125 delicious recipes that were written with food allergies and food sensitivities in mind brought together with over 37 food journeys to get you connected with where your food comes from.

The cookbook is loaded with delicious soups, stews, vegetarian, one-pot meals along with yummy cakes, cookies and appetizers to share with your family and friends!

A cookbook like no other, a new beginning that brings you back to the basics!

Enjoy with love,

Stacey Fokas