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Freshalicious Food for Kids

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freshalicious® Food for Kids!”

Parents are very excited to have freshalicious® “Food for Kids ” in their schools!

“Thank  you so much for introducing this program to our school! As parents it is so important to be able to set good eating habits right from an early age, however with our increasingly busy lives it is become more and more difficult. In addition we have so many  more children with allergies to a variety of things.

Your program helps to ensure that our children are receiving nutritional warm meals made with local and in season vegetables. It is often a challenge to come up with creative nutritional lunches especially for our son who likes a hot lunch.

I have told all my family friends about this program and they will all be advocating at their children’s schools to introduce this program at their schools as well!“

Thank you, Linda Pasutto

3 Easy steps to get started

1. Once your school is live you will click on the “Parents Order Online” button to the right of the chalkboard and you’ll be directed to our munchalunch page, a secure online ordering system.

2. Click on “Login”, then click on “New User” and register to get your password. Once you receive your password by email, you’re ready to order.

3. Return to the Login page, then Login with your password and you’ll be directed to your school page. Place your order for the season with the kids!

We have set aside specific order dates that do close, so please order in the times specified for each season. See below the start and end dates for each season.

Please feel free to email us at if you have any questions.

Accepting orders starting September 15th 2012. Orders close September 25th 2012
Program deliveries start the week of October 1 2012
Program ends December 21st 2012

Accepting orders starting December 1st 2012. Orders close December 21st 2012
Program deliveries start the week of January 7th 2013
Program ends March 29th 2013

Accepting orders starting March 10th 2013. Orders close March 27th 2013
Program deliveries start the week of April 1st 2013
Program ends June 28th 2013

Healthy School Lunch Menu

Food will be delivered the following day. If a child is absent, most schools hold the child’s lunch in the fridge for the following day.

Seasonal Menus

We are operating in a Peanut/nut-free facility.

All of our food is made fresh daily sourcing local first.

We are also using biodegradable containers and utensils contributing to a reduced carbon footprint and greener menu.

Schools have the option to ask the kids’ to bring their own utensils, and a Thermos® to take home left over soup.

General program questions regarding the school menu should be directed to the school administrator. For specific food-related questions, contact us directly at

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Freshalicious Food For Kids

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